MyBook 8TB Desktop Raid appears twice, three times

iMac running Sierra. MyBook 8TB desktop raid, formatted for Mac with two mirrored 4TB partitions. It appears in the finder twice, sometimes three times (see attached). Only one of the appearing drives is browsable; the others show the correct amount of free/used space, but no actual files.

The drive does up the same number of times—whatever that is—in Mac OS disc utility. WD Utilities won’t run. I get a “must be in applications folder” message, even though the app is in the applications folder.


I am having this exact same issue. I have two WD drives connected and one of them was showing up 5 times on my desktop.
The other drive doesn’t seem to have any issues and operates normally.

I can’t eject any of the instances, it just hangs the system. Same for when I attempt to launch Disk Utility, it just hangs and never loads. The WD Drive Utilities crashed every time I launched it, so I downloaded the latest version from the website and installed, only now I receive “must be in applications folder” error message.

I have rebooted the iMac, which corrected the drive count issue (temporarily) but did not resolve the utilities error message.

I am running MacOS Sierra on a late 2013 iMac with 16GB of RAM and the 3.1 GHz i7 processor.

– Mike