Multiple My Book Duo drives shows up in finder after computer wakes up

I have My Book Duo WDBFBE0160JBK-NESN and had this issue on High Siera on MacBook Pro and now I see the same issue on iMac on Mac OS Mojave.
After computer wakes up I see multiple, two or three “My Book” drives in finder, if I click on a right one I able to navigate in drive and open files. But If I click on a wrong one finder hangs and not responding.
When finder freezes even Disc Utility become disable It can’t find any drive at all.

I noticed that in Energy Saver settings I had selected “Put hard disk to sleep when possible” will try to disable it and see will it fix a problem.
But it would be very inefficient to keep drives work when they are not in use. I guess it will decreese their life time.

I have exactly the same problem. I have received 2 replacements and the problem persist. I would suggest you backup all yr data before you come to a point of not being able to access it. The drives do NOT go bad the ENCLOSURE seams to be the issue.

I am looking forward for a solution.

Disabling “Put hard disk to sleep when possible” didn’t help at all, still have the same issue. :frowning_face:

You could try to reset your SMC, NVRAM

The link on how could be here

It has some good tips that are usefull

With “WD Drive Utilities” performed all three checks in diagnostic section, all three are successful.
Mac OS Disk Utility also give positive result.

I guess I fond what coursing this issue.
I had “Sleep timer” in WD Drive Utilities app turned on and set for 30 min. Seems that’s a default setting.
When I turn off slip timer I never have “Multiple drive” issue.

I also been talking with WD customer support over emails, and they are completely useless :frowning_face:
I’m showing them problem and they trying convince me it’s issue with my computer or to replace drive :man_facepalming:

Partial solution (still testing…)
Uninstalling “WD Discovery” and using only “WD Drive Utilities for Mac”, waking up from sleep, I still get RAID error but disappear after a short freeze and… No more multiple drives!
Hope this help, waiting for a definitive solution.

I believe it is the WD Utilities and Security that causing the issue not the WD Discovery. If you stop the service for WD Utilities from the “Activity Monitor.” It will not causing those issues. But then you will not get a notification if there is something wrong with the drive.

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Yes you’r righ. After several testing is WD Utilities causing the issue.
Uninstalling everythings seems to solve every problem. I just installed “WD Drive Utilities for Mac” verions out just two days ago. Will see how it goes…

Confirmed! Version seems to works whitout any further issues. Was about time…

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I have recently hd the same problem with new 8TB and 12TB My Book Duo drives on my 2019 iMac. After calling tech support and reading these posts, I am happy to report the problem is the WD Utilities software. Had the latest version installed and the only way to fix it was to uninstall the utility. All is working like normal now! Perhaps WD will fix there software and until they do delete it or never install it.

Hello. I was curious to see if anyone continued to have issues on this thread, (now a year old). I’ve been having this occurrence for perhaps the past few months, my RAID drives duplicate on the desktop, sometimes multiple times, (on Mac OSX Mojave 10.14.6), and using the most current version of WD Drive Utilities, (version

I get the same issues with the drive appearing to be in sleep mode, unresponsive when clicking on anything on the disk, (if I happen to have a window previously open), and then have to resort to unmounting/unplugging the drive again and again, or on occasion, even restarting the computer as it seems to freeze up my Mac.

As someone stated in the thread earlier, I’m uncertain if it has anything to do with sleep mode settings for the drives as I’ve noticed when I’ve left my desk for anything longer than 30 minutes, these symptoms start to occur. If I’ve left the computer on overnight, then in the morning the drive(s) are multiplied on the desktop and they are also unresponsive.

Again, I’m curious if anyone found a permanent fix for this or a working version of WD Drive Utilities that prevents it from happening. It seems silly to have to go backwards in versions from the most current one just to get this to work.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi there. I’m new at this but appear to be having this problem with brand new 8TB DUO running on my iMac/High Sierra. Overnight, the DUO seems to misbehave, leaving two unresponsive icons on the desk top and needing a complete reboot to rectify as disks won’t eject. I’ve tried turning the sleep timer off but seems to make no difference. Most of last years posts implied WD Utilities at fault and wondered if there was any further update on this, Thanks for your time.

Updated information. I’ve uninstalled WD Utilities. First overnight was OK, but second overnight has ended up with two dead icons on the desktop and required complete reboot to fix. Showed a time machine backup at about 0200 had completed satisfactorily. I’ve now uninstalled the entire of WD Discovery to see if this gives any more information. Drive is working ok - iTunes library and Time Machine both functioning OK post uninstallation of WD DIscovery.

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Interesting to hear that uninstalling WD Drive Utilities may be the answer. I guess it’s not needed and Mac’s Disk Utility is a better option for drive management then ?

I’ve been running WD Drive Utilities version, apparently the most current version, above what they described in this thread to be working for some on the update, but have still been having the duplicate icons mounted and unresponsive drives. There was an instance where I thought it may have gotten fixed for a week or so, but realized that processes such as long video rendering or even keeping a torrent engine open is just stalling from the drive going to sleep. That was two weeks ago, but just had the occurrence happen again last night.

As of right now, I uninstalled WD Drive Utilities, haven’t uninstalled WD Discovery, but we’ll see how it goes.

I have read somewhere else that there is an issue with the ‘waking up’ during the night to do a time machine backup with the usb3 connection on macs. If this is right, then what’s going on is that the machine wakes up to do the time machine back up, but something goes wrong at this point and you end up with multiple dead icons on your desktop. Incidentally, I’ve now had to return two WD DUO 8TB drives as both have failed within a fortnight of powering on. I’ve given up completely on this product as I’ve lost faith in it completely and transferred to a G DRIVE to see if this works any better.

I also have the same problem. Any solution now?