Multiple My Book Duo drives shows up in finder after computer wakes up


I have My Book Duo WDBFBE0160JBK-NESN and had this issue on High Siera on MacBook Pro and now I see the same issue on iMac on Mac OS Mojave.
After computer wakes up I see multiple, two or three “My Book” drives in finder, if I click on a right one I able to navigate in drive and open files. But If I click on a wrong one finder hangs and not responding.
When finder freezes even Disc Utility become disable It can’t find any drive at all.

I noticed that in Energy Saver settings I had selected “Put hard disk to sleep when possible” will try to disable it and see will it fix a problem.
But it would be very inefficient to keep drives work when they are not in use. I guess it will decreese their life time.


I have exactly the same problem. I have received 2 replacements and the problem persist. I would suggest you backup all yr data before you come to a point of not being able to access it. The drives do NOT go bad the ENCLOSURE seams to be the issue.

I am looking forward for a solution.


Disabling “Put hard disk to sleep when possible” didn’t help at all, still have the same issue. :frowning_face:


You could try to reset your SMC, NVRAM

The link on how could be here

It has some good tips that are usefull


With “WD Drive Utilities” performed all three checks in diagnostic section, all three are successful.
Mac OS Disk Utility also give positive result.


I guess I fond what coursing this issue.
I had “Sleep timer” in WD Drive Utilities app turned on and set for 30 min. Seems that’s a default setting.
When I turn off slip timer I never have “Multiple drive” issue.

I also been talking with WD customer support over emails, and they are completely useless :frowning_face:
I’m showing them problem and they trying convince me it’s issue with my computer or to replace drive :man_facepalming: