My Western Digital External Hard Drive Stopped Reading


My problem same goes on this one:

I bought a Western Digital External Hard drive (WD Elements 1.5TB) 2 years ago. (Purchase Date: October 7, 2011) at PC  Corner. 

This external drive seems to be working fine until few months later, this drive suddenly stop reading. The drive is not appearing and the pc/laptop dont detect it even in the Computer Management >> Storage >. Disk Management.

So I decided to bring it back to the store for the warranty it covers. So they send it to WD Service and check on it. The store told me that my hard drive is not recoverable. (I was so upset because most of my important file is stored on that drive. I was thinking I’ve done nothing and the external drive did went wrong to function). So i guess that i have no choice but to accept the fact that my data is not recoverable. They replaced it with a new WD External Drive with 3TB capacity. I thought that after replacing it, my newly replaced external drive will not crush again…

After a few months, Same thing happpened on my replaced external hard drive! It wont read and it won’t detect on my pc even on my laptop. SOME of my valuable files are IN there - including photos and stuff! 

I am here to ask for your help. what would the best thing to do with it? If WD Service would suggest ONLY another replacement on my external drive, that would be a third time replacement and I wouldn’t risk to save more files on that drive for I’m loosing my confidence to do so.

Your product is good but customer need some guaranty and reliabilty that these problem wont occur again. What imporant things on me here is the files stored on it.

Try to contact WD tech support first. You can also check this link for data recovery centers available.