Won't read my External WD Hard drive (My Book)

okay so, all of the sudden my western digital which I relied on too much has stopped working. I do not have any backup from it at all. I bought it a long time ago, and do not know the model number or anything, except that it’s called “My Book”. When I plug it in, I do feel it spinning but only for a while, after that I have to replug it to see if it would work or not. I seriously need to recover data from it, it is 1TB HD and there has to be a way where it isn’t much costly to have my data recovered. [Deleted]

Check if you have another USB cable that you can use, you can also check if the my book is recognized on the disk management window. If it is recognized, you can try using a data recovery program like recuva or testdisk to recover your files. 


Is the drive plug in to a surge protector or directly to a wall outlet?