My WDMYCLOUDMIRROR GEN 2 fan just started running at 8000RPM in the middle of the night

I switched off my plex server and I started running system diagnostics. Currently running the full harddrive scan. it still hasn’t stop running at really high speeds.

Kinda new to this so let me know if I can give anymore information.

Chances are the CPU usage is high resulting in higher than normal temperature which will cause fan speed to increase and cool down the CPU. You may try (1) Disable Remote Access (2) Disable any 3rd party app like you did with Plex, Disable Twonky (3) Reboot the My Cloud.

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I disabled everything I can and everything seems to be fine now, the main cause was my plex had automatic library scan (that I was sure I had off) on causing it to slow down alot.

So do some models of the MyCloudMirror Gen 2 have a fan whilst others do not?

I ask because in the past I have posted to enquire why, no matter what the temperature, my dashboard always showed 0 rpm. From one answer I got and also from looking inside I concluded that there was in fact no fan in the enclosure.

Sorry for the confusion
I’ve modified my post to include the "fan speed’ KBA for reference

I’m confused, what exactly is producing the noise if it’s not a fan?

And you could add to that, “why are diagnostics showing 8823 rpm?” :slightly_smiling_face:

p.s. I use an external fan which maintains the running temperature of both drives at around 35° C.

@Acecryz have to state my apologies for giving you incorrect information on a public forum regarding My Cloud products. “shame on me” There’s a small fan in the lower front casing of the Mirror and EX2 Products. That’s the sound that you are probably hearing.

Taking that as the definitive answer, at what temperature should it cut in then? From brand new, mine has never shown anything but 0 rpm. I first started worrying about it and arranged independant cooling when I saw temperatures going into the 60’s.