My WD Passport - Lost Files. Can you help?

Hi All,

I m absolutely stressing out and I am wondering if someone could please help me as I am on a deadline.

My WD passport has been plugged into my laptop for most of the day as I was using it in logic pro.
Once I had finished my project, I quit the program and went to Eject my WD Element Passport. However, it wouldn’t Eject. The computer would flash “Cannot Eject. Disk is in use on Finder”. As this kept happening, I tried to force Eject, but again to to no avail. Eventually I shut the computer down too plug it out. When I later returned to my laptop and plugged back in my Passport, though it was showing the name of my folders, it is also showing zero bytes within them. showing there is data within the files, though in the Get info panel, it shows I have over 588 GB used. I tried to repair the external hard drive in disk utility, but it came up with a message of “can’t repair, back up as soon as possible”.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can resolve this issue.
Much Appreciated.

Thank you


You could refer to the following link: