My Passport is unaccessible?

Hello there,

I’ve just come across a huge problem with my external hard drive, as it suddenly started to make very strange “beep” noises when I plugged it in to my laptop and now I can’t access the files in it! I can find the HD from the device manager window and I can ‘remove safely’ but I just cannot access the files (there is no icon available in from MyPC.

I followed some troubleshooting steps described by WD and downloaded WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostics. All test passed however it detects the capacity as 0.00GB; also after right-click > Properties the health status says “warning”.

I was happily using this HD for years now with zero problems and just now suddenly without any warnings I don’t have access to my data. What can I do? and most importantly how do I at least recover my information from the drive?

Thanks in advance,

Hello pasalatora,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Hello peter.g

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ve created a case with the support team. Hopefully they will bring some good news!


What was the outcome of this case?


Thank you for following up. I received the following response from the support team:

“Based on the information provided it appears that the drive has failed and cannot be revived. Since your drive is still under warranty we’ll gladly replace it for you under warranty.”

This is a little surprising considering I purchased the HD a little over 5 years ago, but in any case I’m not really interested in having another WD Passport since the data is already lost.