MY WD Hard disk is not Detected


MY WD Hard disk is not Detected through network plus USB port.

What can i do with this?


If I’m not mistaken the USB port is outgoing only, only used for attaching further storage onto the WD itself plugging it into the PC won’t let you access the drive inside.

Has it suddenly stopped being visible on your network and been working previously?

How is it connected to your network?

Need more information.

Yes before it was working perfectly. What happened today morning its not getting with IP address.
The Light is showing only White or Orange Blinking. I thought that was USB port. SS showing with USB port.

attached is the image.


Attached is the front Side

Ah , you’re talking about the networking port , blinking orange light there means it’s connected to your network fine and the white means it’s booted up with no issues.

Does your MyCloud appear in the list when you run the WD Quickview App

If not, then you can try the 40 second reset using a paperclip in the reset slot at the rear initially , this often solves a lot of issues.

Many Many Thanks.

Attached is the image, Is this reset slot. If i reset the DATA will be remain same? Is IP will change?


Yes , thats the slot , your data will be safe , it will however reset your settings back to factory defaults.

Is your drive not showing up when using the quickview app?

Many Many Thanks With the Apps in network i found it, the IP address got changed.

Really Thanks A lot.

Use the following link for information on the WD My Cloud. You should be able to find virtually all answers to questions you may have. Look at the User Manual for the version of My Cloud you have. For the color of the LED and what it means see LED’s.