My three My book hard drives are locked suddenly. Please help

I have trhee My Book 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. My computer got frozen and was not booting up all of a sudden. I restore the iMac with its CD but noticed all three WD hard drives have icon of Lock on it and I can not open and browse them. It says you don’t have permission. When I try to change persmission it shows Custome. I change it to Read & Write and it goes back to Custome again. I have so much data on all three hards and so panic to loose them. Please help!

were they connected to the mac when you ran the restore cd?  and were you transferring files when the computer froze up?

They all were connected to the iMac. The whole time. I was not transfering any files. Thanks for reply.

sorry, been gone for a while.  whatever happened with this?

my hard is offline