My Passport

I bought my external drive, my passport, just a year ago and already the connection between the device and the cable connecting   is broken. I cannot even take out the drive itself because WD made that impossible too.This was supposed to be a storage device and it broke before way before my computer that luckily still got the data on it.

Watch out do not buy My Passport and if you already did handle it with great care. The cable connections are, purposefully?, very delicate.

Never again WD.



Hello and welcome to the community,

I am sorry to hear that the USB port of your Passport broke, I am sure WD will stand behind the warranty and replacement policy and would appreciate the opportunity to replace the drive for you. 

“You can create a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from our customer portal at”:

You can also contact support directly to have them create the RMA for you.

Contact WD