Passport usb connection problem

the usb cable connector inside the drive is loose, and I can’t get into the case to fix it. Anyone have any ideas? It’s got a lot of important stuff backed up on it, and the cable won’t read when I plug it in because the connector’s loose.

So I can’t just buy a new one.

See if this helps  

Otherwise you have to open the drive which voids the warranty and see if you can get the USB connector resoldered or find a replacement board on Ebay. This might help explain the boards


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Thanks for the assist, but since the plug won’t seat and even read the drive, anything to do with recovery won’t do me much good.

What I need to know (it’s been out of warranty for years already, I bought it in 2005), is how to open it. I was sort of able to pry up a corner, but the rest won’t give. I don’t want to break it, but I may have to if there’s no way to pry it open.

Try looking on Youtube there is  probably a video there showing how to open.