Poor connection with WD Passport drive

A couple of years ago I bought a 500GB WD Passport drive with USB2 connection - at the time it was pretty expensive and I was pretty happy with it.

It started developing issues reading and writing data, I contacted Western Digital whom replaced the drive for me.

The replacement drive from the start had a slightly loose connection, but this has now got worse and the drive is unusable unless you keep pressure on the cable as it’s connected to the computer.  This seems common, so I bought another Micro USB cable (Only 10cm long) and tried this - it had the same behaviour.

I contacted Western Digital today, who are now refusing to support this as the warranty on my original device expired in September - despite highlighting this was a minor issue to begin with but has now got worse.

Is there anything I can do with this?  I’m a little annoyed at the instant refusal for support despite a number of people complaining of the same issue - even with the issue happening with another cable I think it’s an issue with the enclosure itself.

Interested in other peoples thoughts, I’d like to save this drive if possible as it’s too good for the bin.

I had a similar problem and they replaced my drive.

Try contacting them again and explain your issue. You can always talk to someone else if the first one does not help you :wink:

I tried again and got refused.  The original one lasted less than two years, this one less than six months - how the support team think this is acceptable is beyond me.

Sold the drive itself on eBay as faulty for £30 (I paid £60 for it new) and bought a new replacement of the same size from a competitor for £42.

I really liked this drive, but I’ll not buy or recommend another.