My Passport won't back up

Newbie here, thanks for your help and patience:
Bought a My Passport 1T and ran a successful backup. Previously I had a WD external drive and backed up occasionally. Wanted to do the same on this drive but couldn’t find a way to set up “no schedule” so set up weekly and then unhooked the drive and ignored the schedule. Now backup won’t run from the tray icon or start menu. Both My Passport and virtual CD show up in This PC. Drive is unlocked. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. BTW I had an old version of WD software on the computer which I neglected to uninstall. The older program doesn’t show up in add/remove programs so it looks like the new software replaced it.


You can check the link to schedule a backup plan using WD backup.

Thank you for your reply. However I’d like to respectfully point out that, as I said in my post, backup worked once, and now backup won’t open. I’d love to follow your advice but I can’t if the backup program won’t open. FYI I did read the manual and searched the knowledge base and searched WD community before I started a new thread.

Re scheduling, thank you for the link you provided- I can now see that I can simply pause scheduled backups and backup randomly when I want to. Thank you for your advice on this issue.

Also I apologize for posting two issues in the same thread. Newbie mistake!