My Passport Wireless Pro in Mac Finder


I am connecting the My Passport Wireless Pro to my Mac via the USB cord. From what I can see in videos and also what happens with other external drives, it should be showing up in Finder. It is not however. The blue light is solid but no matter how many times I remove and reconnect, it does not come up in Finder.

I can connect if I use the wireless connection, but not directly with the USB cable.

Any suggestions??



Are you facing this issue with other USB hard drives also?

If other USB external hard drives are showing in Finder but only My Passport Wireless Pro is not, you should check whether the Drive Lock is enable or not from its dashboard. If it is ON, then turn it OFF.


Thanks for your reply. All other external Hard Drives and SD cards show in Finder without issue. My Passport now appears to be working so I have no idea what was causing the problem.