My Passport Wireless and TV (Samsung) connection

Does anyone have experience with connecting the My Passport Wireless to a TV via USB? Worked for one week and then stopped suddenly. Sound like the WD Wireless keeps trying to boot but gets stuck and keeps clicking. Tried to different formats FAT, FAT32, NTFS but no luck.

Any ideas?

I have used the unit on a Sony TV with no issues so far. Did something related to the unit’s configuration change before it stopped working with your TV?

No changes in the configuration I know of. I did an update of the Firmware but only after the problem occurred. I also noticed that the graphic of the capacity has disappeared in the dashboard “HOME” section…

I know what can cause pie graphic to disappear on my WD My Cloud NAS, but there is no such control in my MPW. I suggest you do a Factory Restore of System Only (NOT data, too) from the Dashboard Admin screen. You will need to set up your MPW again as if it is new. Your previously added data will be untouched.

Check online user manual for full instructions.

Thanks mike27oct.

Already tried the ‘Factory Restore of System Only’ but no joy. Ended up buying a WD TV unit and that solved the problem. I’m using the MPW for viewing movies, photos, etc. on my tv and didn’t really like the menu of the MPW anyway (well, couldn’t call it menu really…). So now the MPW is connected to the WD TV box and works like a charm. Haven’t checked yet, if the pie graphic shows up now but I am not really bothered, if it doesn’t.

I had the wrong expectations from the MPW; turned out that it is just an external HD, although wireless. Did spend an additional £60.00 on the box but it was well worth and finally got what I wanted.

OK, good, you got what you needed to have. I also have a WDTV as well as a MPW; truly two different kinds of toys. All is not lost, because you can bring the MPW along on excursions away from home when you need to have some entertainment with you.