MyPassportWireless - access through wifi impossible

I’m using a My Passport Wireless device for a while and was satisfied until recently when the access through wifi connection became impossible

I had renamed it to “titoddwifi” and it worked for about a year but one day it stopped with this problem :
from my Android Tab :
using My Cloud app, the device is detected as available but when connecting, an error message raises :
“impossible to access to My Passport Wireless. Check WIFI parameters to connect to My Passport Wireless network (1004)”

Note that that network does not exist (MyPassport yes but not the “My Passport Wireless”)

I then tried to restore the default settings by pressing simutaneously the power + wifi buttons but still doesn’t work, same error message.

I also tried with my PC Connected to the MPW network named “myPassport” (which has “limited connexion” mention some time) after restoration.

Using a browser, no way to access to the dashboard :
mypassport responds HTTP404 responds responds HTTP404

I also tried to connect to the url with it’s (old ?) name
http://titoddwifi and the reponse is
“site unreachable. titoddwifi does not authorize the connection ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”
“no internet connection” DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET

on the other hand, access to the device via USB cable is working OK

any idea to what to do to solve this ?

thank you for your help !

If you restore device to defaults, yourthen need to set up your MPW again as if brand new, out-of-the-box condition. Did you do this? Refer to the complete user manual for instructions. Manual is on line at WD Support or on the MPW drive.

yes’ I did but not so much as once restored, i can’t access the dashboard with my browser, nor anything with the android app. As told, I can’t connect to anything lundi, 09 janvier 2017, 00:51AM +01:00 de mike27oct :

Suggest you contact WD Support for more help.

i thought you were …
how to touch them please ? lundi, 09 janvier 2017, 09:41AM +01:00 de mike27oct :

Not at all, this is a user to user forum. WD Support is how to contact WD.

Ah OK !
Many thanks I’ll contact them and tell you
Regards lundi, 09 janvier 2017, 11:39PM +01:00 de mike27oct :