My Passport - Where do I locate saved files on external hard drive?

I just received my new WD My Passport, connected it and followed online steps.  Now I would like to check My Passport and see what was saved on the external hard drive.  How do I find this information?

Also, I couldn’t find any where in the instructions if I am to leave the external hard drive connected to my computer continuously. 

Thank you.

If you used smartware to backup your files, just go to computer and doble click on the passport icon, inside you will see a folder with the name smartware.swstor, if you explore this folder you should be able to see your files. For the second question, no, you don’t need to have the passport always connected, but of course the backup wont be running if you don’t have it connected.

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Thank you for your answer. . .I clicked on the Passport icon and the Smartware opened.  On the Home tab it has a list of categories on the C: drive and on Passport.  The Backup and Retrieve tabs are not highlighted so cannot open them.  The Help file says there are toggle switches for Category and for Files that you can click on how you want to view the backup.  I do not find either of these switches/tabs on Smartware.  Where would I locate these?