Viewing backed up files on My Passport Ultra 1TB

I have just bought this item. I am using Windows 10 (with latest updates) Seems that back up has worked but I cant find out how to open My Passport to check that all my files are there.

So please can you tell me how to open the correct file?

I am fairly OK with the computer but please could you give me an answer in simple terms.

Thank you in advance for any help


If you used WD Smartware to backup you files then you should be able to browse the Smartware backup folder.

This folder is called “WDSmartware.Swstor” and it is located in the root of your drive.

Hello Hamlet

Thank you for responding.

I had read about “WDSmartware.Swstor” in the WD help section but I couldn’t find it on my computer. I have just done a search of MY PC (using the PC’s search facility) and it still cannot be found.

When I installed My Passport it did do a backup because it said it was a total of approx 78GB so where that is I do not know.

I am still very new to Windows 10 so hope I have looked in the correct place.

If you have any more advice for me I would be very grateful.