My new WD Passport 3 TB is not backing-up any files, but indicates it is!

The WD Passport indicates it is backing-up my selected files and shows the size of the backed-up files. But in fact no files have been backed-up to the drive. No files can be restored to a location I chose. The drive itself passes all the tests. Where are my backed-up files? Can’t find them! Help!! Community name: bud_43


Are you using WD Smartware or WD Backup?

You should be able to open the Passport drive using Windows explorer for either Smartware or Backup… You want OPEN the drive to find a folder with .swtor type. Continue opening folders until you get a lis including History and Volumexxxxxx]. You want to OPEN volume[xxxxx], NoT History! You should find all the Folders and Files from your PC. That is for WD BAckup, but Smartware is not much different.

For WD Backup, OPEN it and select restore at the top. Click "Select Files to Restore. You should see a small rotating circle and a list “View file from”. Wait a bit for the file structure to show in the left boxes. Select files and click Restore. It ca n be quite slow at first, but rapid later.

If none of the above helps, please be more specific. Software?? Error messages? Computer type and OS?

Good luck,

First I want to thank you for being so prompt in sending me such good
advice regarding my problem with my WD Passport Backup.
Last night I was able to backup all of my documents (386 GB) on my new
Passport. I have several Passport backup drives and haven’t had
any problems before this problem with the new passport … and you
solved this one & made my day.
Thank you again and have a wonderful holiday season!

Ray, You are welcome.