Newbie here, please HELP!

I am in dire need of help. The shared folder my company provides is full. For the last month, I have been saving all my work on One Drive. Our IT person came to reimage my desktop and now my documents in One Drive are in disarray. I purchased the Passport in order to copy those documents so that I could use on my laptop. Is this possible? Question #2 - How can I tell what files have backed up to the Passport? Please help!

Thank you in advance.


I can’t help you on the OneDrive question.

For Passport: Did you use SmartWare? If so check the Help tab and Retrieve Tab. Retrieve will show you what is on the Passport.
You can also find the content by opening the drive letter for the Passport drive using Windows File Explore. Look for a folder called WD SmartWare.swstor, then the name of your computer and in that the folders marked Volume.972____ or similar.

I hope this helps.


Mr. Cleary,

Thanks for replying! I had not downloaded SmartWare which is why I was having some problems. I have now and it looks like I am good.


Glad to help.