My Passport Ultra password recovery?

I know other people have asked similar questions in the past, but I have tried everything I can to remember the password I used the first time I open my new My Password Ultra for Mac (it was new when I bought, which was Decembre 2015), but to no avail. I made a back-up copy of my laptop and haven’t used it since, because I can’t for the life of me figure out what I came up with in the way of a password. I tried all variations from passwords I have used before. Nothing.

Is there ANY possibility whatsoever to recover this password or be allowed a second chance, pretty please, to set it up again? Am I to throw this device away, which I have used only once?

Thanks in advance,

Having a way to bypass the password protection would undermine the security of every drive out there. That is why they provide a field to add a password hint to assist you. You don’t have to throw out the drive. You can keep trying passwords until you get a message regarding erasing the content of the drive. If you erase the drive, the password will be removed along with all the data. This is by design so that if the drive is stolen, all the thief would get it a drive and not the data.

If you send it off for data recovery you will be required to specifically identify the files located on the drive before they send it back to you.