My Passport Ultra 4TB - Missing a bunch of SMART Attributes

So for the short version (no pun intended) every other Ultra has given me the full set of attributes but here I only get these four. Any particular reason why?


I haven’t see any cases like this on the community. Let’s see if any of the users can share some information about it.

Also, you can try creating a case with support.

Found it only after creating my own topic:

So yes, I’ve experienced the issue too, on two 4TB drives.

Could you resolve it? Have you had at least one 4TB ultra drive with more attributes?

I’ve not messed around with it recently. To be honest I’ve chalked it up with Quality Control issues at WD (Most of the 2/3TB drives I’ve bought were improperly ejected 6+ times) in addition to certain software and/or hardware configurations damage the drives upon eject by default behavior.

Edit: I bought mine on sale at a brick and mortar location with a very stingy return policy. Since my backups are focused on the 2/3TB drives in which this one is more or less a swap/redundancy drive for the time being that data integrity isn’t a major concern.

Thanks; still wondering if there are ANY 4TB Ultra drives with a “good” SMART…


I’m curious, how do you go about checking the SMART Attributes?

I would also like to know if this is something I should be concerned about since I just bought a My Passport Ultra 4TB WDBBKD0040BBK-0A.


There’s a few applications that can do so easily like crystal disk info. I personally use smartmontools because not only does it provide the entirety of the firmware’s/SMART logging i find it easier without a GUI. If you choose to install it the path will be set to run the commands from any directory otherwise you have to navigate to wherever it’s installed.

smartctl -x -d sat [drive letter with colon]

Order doesn’t matter except sat has to come after -d as that parameter tells smartctl the USB device has a SATA drive. I use -x but for the attributes only it’s either -a or -A. Under Linux instead of drive letters it’s whatever the drive is under /dev/.

In response to the other question SMART isn’t something that makes or breaks the hard drive. It simply means that intermediate attributes, like pending sectors not being there, will make diagnosing problems harder. I personally would like to know how much wear and tear the drive has. Granted, I don’t know if the drive’s self destruct is active which is why I use it for a junk drive. (I wonder if the redesign has the same problem)

It would be nice if you could report your output.

But it looks like these new style drives deliver the same four attributes:

An option to consider would be a Scorpio Blue drive with an enclosure - if I’m not overlooking something.

edit: The affordable “Blues” I thought of are actually 3,5-inch models. So apparently no reasonable options with a separate enclosure.

Even then if you were to go that route it’s a hit or miss whether the self destruct is enabled on WD Scorpios. Even blacks are known to have it enabled and fixing the problem invalidates the warranty. None of my portable drives have it enabled except presumably the 4TB.

AFAIK the current design 3TB or less doesn’t have this problem. So best to stick with them? They don’t make laptop drives bigger than 1TB since most laptops can’t take a drive thicker than 9mm


It is normal for the 4 TB HDD included in the My Passport enclosures to only display four SMART attributes.

What do you call “normal”…?! You should explain us WHY it doesn’t show the others, especially power on hours count which is a basic and quite important one the day you gotta resell it.

The lact of smart added to other issues, such as not being detected by “wd quick view” resulting in the impossibility to eject the encrypted drive safely, make the