MY PASSPORT ULTRA 4TB, Cannot view files


I am running Windows 7 x 64. I plugged in my ultra last night and through Windows Backup System, successfully completed the process. However when I look at the files in “Computer” I am not able to view any .jpegs etc. Is this normal?

It seems like this process should be easier. Is there WD Software I should be downloading? Thank you for any help. I apologize if this seems trivial, but I never backed up my computer to an external Hard Drive. I got the 4TB so I can use 2TB and my wife can use the other 2TB on her Windows 10 PC.


I haven’t use the Windows backup system. Have you tried asking in the Microsoft forums?

See if the following link helps

Not yet, what backup software works best? WD software that came with this
is not user friendly. Or I might not have the correct software. Do you
know where I could download what I need? Thank you for any help

Matthew S. Spellacy, M.S. Finance, CFA Cand.