My Passport shows 128GB of backed up files, but has no volumes to retrieve from

I backed up my files a few months ago and my computer’s HDD recently crashed. I got it replaced and want to restore the files i backed up, but to my dismay there are no volumes shown to be backed up even though it shows that 128GB of date is on the My Passport. There is a lot of important data that i need to retrieve. Any and all help would be appreciated!

Go into folder view and check show hidden files. If you backed up with Smartware you need to reinstall it. You may possibly need to do another backup first see this post


folder view? thanks for the help.

okay so i backed it up again and i can access the backup of my new computer, which is virtually no data. the old data is in a wd file on the My Passport. i need to be able to access that data, and the software will not let me access the data. this is very frustrating and help would be appreciated. thanks~!