Need help retrieving backed up files

I am having a problem retrieving my backed up files from my passport.

I performed a back up just over a week ago, I ended up un-installing some important files on my computer and messed it up so the computer had to be wiped clean and restarted like it was starting up for the first time.

I’m trying to get all the files back from WD smartware and it takes hours to retrieve them all as it shows 28,336 files. After waiting a very long time it tells me that some files have failed to retrieve fully, when I click to see what files it shows them all!!! 

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it back, as there is very important documents on there.

Please help I’m desperate.


i’m having somewhat the same problem. I can see all my files on my passport, but can’t retrieve any of them. 

When you re-did the computer, even if you used the same User Name for Windows, Windows treats it as a different user.

Try going into the Properties of the backed up files (as Administrator) and give the new user permission to access the old user’s files.