My Passport WDBAAA3200Axx Backup Retrieval

My passport says that the backup was completed successfully; however, when I attempt to retrieve my documents I can’t find them. According to the quickview of data backed up I have almost 100 MB of documents, but they are not present when I look for individual files to retrieve. In face, I recognize almost none of the files and programs that I have the option to retrive (the names are mostly technical jargon that I don’t know). Where are all of my documents and downloads?

Any advice on why this happening and how I can fix it? Thanks.

I don’t use Smartware to backup my data. 

Maybe you need to use retrieval tab to restore your data. But be sure to backup your imortant data to other pen drive or so prior to restore your data. If the drive is corrupted, you may have a chance of loosing your original file.

Let’s see what others say… :neutral_face: