My Passport only worked for a few days

I’m having a horrible day right now. As I am uploading all my files to my passport hard drive, the drive some how stopped working. I didn’t move it or anything, it just stopped working. I unplugged everything, restarted my computer, tried another computer, tried different programs to find my hard drive but yet nothing. I go back to where I bought it (Best Buy) and I was told that my hard drive no longer works and will need to be special recovered to get my files. They said the price would cost from $500-$1,500 just to recover my files. And to tell you guys the truth I just bought this hard drive a few days ago and now I’m stuck with nothing. I don’t have the money for that. I called Western Digital asking for help but nothing. Only they can replace my hard drive with a new one. I don’t want a new one, I want my files. I bought a product from WD, used it for a moment, did nothing with it, and now it doesn’t want to work. I don’t deserve this at all. If WD really wants to help me, recover my files that I put in their product that I trusted.

If you just purchased the drive and just put the data on it, have you already deleted the data from your computer? Do you not have any backups of the data?

Any important data should be backed up. backup means the data is stored in more than one location. failures do occur and if the data is in only one place unfortunately in the event of a failure the data is gone. Storage manufacturers only warranty the hardware. There is no warranty on data and this is not something that is unique to WD.