Not A Happy Customer

Purchased a Passport from my local Best Buy. I hadn’t used it a month before it doed on me. I work in an It field so I have a few resources. Everyone told me that it was above their knowledge base. I had to eventually give to the recovery guys. Just got the bill today…$1599! My wife and I both have very important info on their so recovery is a must. I just paid $2000 for a 1TB hard drive basically. THANKS WD!

It can happen with any HD for many reason. That’s why you need a backup that is more than one copy of important data in different locations.


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Yup! Any drive from any mfg. can fail at any time.

My buddy spent $2,100 on a 60GB Firewire drive back in the late 1990’s right at the turn of the century. $200 for the drive, and $1,900 to have it recovered.

Since around that time we began purchasing the same capacity drives (but different mfgs, one of this one of that) and conducted regular backups. You WILL learn to do backups one way or another. Question is can you learn to do them cheaply based on advice? Or do you need to experience failure?