My passport - multiple issues

Hello there. I bought a WD My Passport (5tb) and I needed to use it for MAC. The OS version that I have is Sierra 10.12.2.

I have encountered several issues and haven´t been able to use it.

1st, the portable hard drive was recognized. The window had a MAC install icon so I used that and even installed some of the applications like the security one and such. Even after I did all this I was not able to copy files and there seem to be no further instructions beyond the install or ways to make it usable.

I found a thread here that advised me to go to system utilities to erase the drive content so it could be reformatted for MAC. Once I did this it gave me an error, telling me the process could not be done. Someone advised to turn the computer off and back on, unplug the hard drive and back in. Tried the system utility erase again. It gave me the same error message but this time it made the hard drive inaccessible and every time I try to use it gives me the message:

“the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer”

Tried on another mac. Similar message.

I really JUST need to use this product on a MAC and its been very frustrating to see how strenuous the process is.

Thanks. Any help is appreciated.

Try wd drive utilities for mac to erase the drive.

Download Link

Hoe to use WD drive utilities for mac