Disk inserted not readable to my computer

I just bought a My Passport WD external drive to backup my Macbook Pro. When I insert the hard drive into the USB port, I receive the following error message, “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer”. Is this a defective product? Or is there something I can do to get this working. I am not savvy with any sort of technology. So any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi dawnnew,

The WD My Passport Portable drive ships with an NTFS file system for Windows PC’s, macOS computers can mount NTFS formatted drives, but it will be Read Only. The WD My Passport Portable drive to be re-formatted in HFS+J file to be compatible with Time Machine or exfat to be read/write ready on both Windows and macOS.

To reformat the drive to make it compatible with macOS, you can refer the link given below.