My passport is working but not recognized

Hi everyone,

First, i would like to start to tell you that I’m an IT Tech, so I know a little what I’m doing, and the technical language doesn’t afraid me.

I’ve got from a friend of mine, an external hard drive (WD My Passport 500Gb), which didn’t work anymore. The light was flashing and we could hear a strang ‘beep’

I’ve started to dismount it to see what’s wrong.
And then I see this :

I doubt about to get back some datas, but I’m asking for some help in case of someone knows what is the problem and how I can to fix it.

Thank you and have a nice day !


Sorry to hear that.

Looks like a mechanical problem on the unit.

Are you able to try a different USB cable? It could be that the unit is not getting enough power.


I have another WD My Passport, with the same USB cable, I tried it, but t’was the same problem.