WB My passport Clicking sound

Hello, what may makes WD my passport 5TB not working after one day of use, only one day and start clicking I bought it to collect all my data in one place instead of many external HDD, I transferred some data, maybe 300gb and in the next day it works for few seconds, and then clicking !?!!
any help to get the data back ?

try a different USB port or Try a different Computer.
if Drive accessible , backup the data and replace the drive

I tried it on another 2 laptops, windows and MacOS, other cables but same result

laptops running on battery or AC powered ?

could be a power issue if ‘battery’

other than that, it’s not unheard of to have a brand new faulty hard drive … could have been used as a football in transit

either return it to where you bought it or submit a RMA … also, should have had a ‘backup’ of your 300GB’s of data, never “transfer”’.

always … “copy” (so you have 2 places where your data is stored)