My passport beeping in specefic computer!

I bought a My Passport @T portable for my cousin. He has a legacy computer ( ASUS M4N78 - AMD athlon 7850 - 500W power). When he connect it to his computer, it doesn’t recognized and start beeping. But we test it in other computers and it works normally.

What is the problem?
Is a guide for recognizing problem from type of beep?

Hello babak_tour,

I would suggest you to change the USB cable of the drive as it causes this concern.

I provide another USB cable and test it in first opportunity. But I don’t think it works. because original cable works in other computer.
also I’m searching to find the answer of second question:
“Is a guide for recognizing problem from type of beep?”

The only time my WD My Passport has ever started “beeping” at me was when i plugged it into my Powered 10 Port USB Hub.

Figured out the problem, I forgot to turn the on the A/C Power Adaptor to the USB Hub.

So, i’m 99.99% it started beeping because it wasn’t getting enough power … the proof, when i switched on the A/C Power Adaptor to the USB Hub the beeping stopped and the WD Passport worked fine :slight_smile:

Sounds like there’s something wrong (not enough power) with the USB port(s) on your cousins computer.

Tanks to all.
I found someone in our city that repair HDD. He explain me that the problem is the USB port power supply on motherboard, high voltage or low power ( same Joey ). We exploring someone to repair the board or buy a new system.