My Passport for Mac - doesn't work properly (running VERY slow)

My Passport (Mac) takes a while to show up when I plug it in through the usb and when it does it still doesn’t work properly - folders take ages to load and show up and file transferring takes a ridiculously long time - WD Utilities & Disk Utility don’t seem to help (pictures attached).
I have plugging into another Macbook and doing all this to no avail
Can anyone help? I have so much data on the drive, would be devastated to lose it).
(MacBook OS Sierra 10.12.6).
Thank you!

It seems your drive is almost full. For Mac, I think if has to index all the files/folders. You might need to let it complete the index those files/folders before you can fully use the drive.

Thanks for the reply.
I thought so too (re. indexing), so currently I’ve had my laptop on, without sleeping/turning it off, for more than 2 days straight (with the external drive plugged in).
Surely that’s long enough to finish indexing 700gb?

wow 2 days too long. Mine was couple hours on a 2TB drive full of movies. Try to use activity monitor to see what is process is running on the drive.

Am doing that, but hard to see exactly what processes are running specifically on the external drive rather than the standard Mac hard drive