New My Passport for Mac - Slow


Hi WD Community,

I have just installed My Passport for Mac and it seems to be working fine. However it is very slow! I have it backing-up everything I have on my laptop to Time Machine. It is doing this at 234 bytes of 122.91 GB, and is yet to calculate time remaining. Have I done something wrong? In settings or installation? Or should I use alternative program to Time Machine?

Thanks for any feedback, Dave.


Hello and welcome to the community,

Try installing the Turbo drivers to see if the speed improves. also if possible just for troubleshooting purposes try another USB cable.


here is a solution to a very slow WD drive

too many bad secotors.jpg


Followed the link for the turbo drivers, but there’s no drivers listed on the mac software page. Is this a discontinued driver, or is it available somewhere else?