My Passport is Sloooow

My passport drive suddenly became insanely slow. It didn’t fall or get hit, just suddenly stopped working properly. It takes a really long time for files to show up in the finder and video files lag. I can transfer files off the disk successfully, but transferring anything onto the disk fails with an error about files not reading or writing properly. In the Mac Disk Utiity I ran the Verify Disk and both partitions were reported to be OK. However, in the Smartware app both Quick SMART Status and Quick Drive Test fail. I’ve tried buying a new cable, but this did not fix the problem. The USB ports work fine with the other ext HD I own. Any suggestions?


I would suggest copying while you can to a different drive.  Seems those diagnostics are telling you something about the future fate of that hard drive. 

I’ve tried copying files to another HD (atleast what will fit). Most of the time it works, but then there’ll be a file that won’t transfer cuz of the file can’t be read or written error. Although when I open it, the video works but lags, same as the files that transfer w/o error.

Even those in Disk Utility verify disk comes out ok, maybe I should run repair disk anyways and see what happens. I’ve just been hesitant to run it cuz I’m afraid I’ll lose files if I do… although I’m not sure there’s even that risk when running repair disk.