My passport firmware update

ive just got a new WD my passport with smartware and its asked me to update the firmware and backup software. right now im trying to update my firm ware and the installer just seems to be sitting there doing a barber shop style loading bar next to where it sya updating firmware. is it working or did the installer fail on me? if it is working how long am it looking at for it to finnish. also i dont feel the disk drive inside running just has its little activity light on

FYI. The smartware is added bloatware in my opinion. You dont really need it. The updated firmware is totally optional, unless your having problems released in the notes for the new firmware. I wouldnt update it if you dont have to!

Your problem is well known, but till now there’s not a solution.

Please read my topic, I’m experiencing the same issue.

These portable devices dont need an update unless you have problems listed in the release notes. They are raw storage and updating the firmware sometimes produces more problems!

So if your not using smartware and just use the storage for your files like I do, no update is ever needed!!!

These are the problems listed in the release note:

Firmware 2.018/2.019 :
• This firmware update fixes the drive’s handling of infrequent power glitches which can cause data access issues.

Firmware 2.010 :
• Updated to meet the latest storage compliance (SBC3 and SPC4).

Firmware 2.003 :
• European Union Power Savings Support.

Firmware 1.032 :
• Initial release of the WD SmartWare VCD Manager for Windows.

Maybe do you know how a customer can verify if his device has any problems?

Your reasoning is correct as long as WD explains what devices have problems, Smartware advices me about an available firmware update but finally drive isn’t upgradable, why? WD is not clear about this.