WD Smartware SOFTWARE UPDATE - Help Please!

Hi all, I recently updated my WD Smartware software from to for WD My Passport Esential Portable 250GB HD.

The software seemed to working fine, or to be installed fine at least, BUT my WD HD is not being recognized anymore by my computer (I plug it in and as if nothing happens).

What is or may be the cause of this problem? And what, if any, is the solution?

Thank you for your help and time in advance, and looking forward for your responses.

All the best, 


Hi there, updating Smartware should NOT affect your Passport because Smartware is updated on the computer, NOT on the drive.

Did you do a firmware update? (That’s different) If so, did you disconnect the Passport for a few minutes as instructed at the end of the process? (Power cycle). If not, is the drive on disk management? (Right click computer/my computer> manage> disk management).

I have the same problem. The disk management (Windows 7) finds the drive but says “no media.”
The update caused the disk access to crash! What do I do now? My drive is a Passport Essentials.

Jerry, try running the firmware update again.