My Passport 1TB Wont Mount

Hey guys, 

been going mad since this happened and cant seem to find anything online so im hoping you guys can help. heres the problem:

I was repairing my Western Digital My Passport 1TB Hard Drive and Disk Warrior crashed after I clicked ‘preview’ when it had finished rebuilding the drive. Now the drive wont mount on my desktop, and doesn’t show up in the System Profiler. The light is on & I can feel the disk spinning inside but as I said I cant do anything as my mac wont mount it.

I have tried resetting the PRAM, using both USB ports. I don’t know what else to try???

Im running mid 2009 15’ macbook pro 2.66, 10.6.6

Hi there!! Are you able to share the model number of the Passport?

What if you try a firmware update on a PC? It tends to revive Passports 70% of the time…