**bleep** is wrong with these drives?

I have a 1tb passport.  i always dissconnect correctly. it may have had a few bumps but nothing substantial.

now when i connect it i get nothing but a solid blue light on the drive and every now and then a little ‘tick’ noise. it doesnt mount on my mac or pc which it always did previously on both.

i have had it under a year and a am really pissed off.

i have looked around for a fix to no avail. does anyone know how to fix this or to recover everything on it?

i would really appreciate any help you can offer!

It doesn’t take much of a bump to damage one. Just standing on edge and tipping over on the desk can be enough. If the drive doesn’t show in Disk Management recovery software probably won’t work.


so the only option really is to try a data recovery service?

thanks for your reply.

Did you try another cable to rule that out? Make it’s no longer than the original one and don’t use a hub.