My Passport 1TB not reading on Blu Ray DVD player

i have bought a WD Passport 1 TB hard drive (portable) and i plugged it into my Blu Ray DVD player, and it wont read it saying its ‘uncompatable’. Its fine on the computer, but not on the dvd player. i have other hard drives (2 seagate ones) and they both read and play fine. Can anyone help me with this please? my DVD player is a Panasonic DMP-BD79

Thank you in advance.

Your Seagate hard drives are most probably MBR (Master Boot Record) Partition Table

The WD Passport 1TB hard drive is GPT (GUID Partition Table) … which all new WD (and other brands) will most commonly be.

Some external devices (Bluray/DVD Players, Smart TV’s, PVR’s etc) are not compatible with GPT and will only work with MBR … which is also limited to a Max of 2TB capacity.

Hi Joey,
thanks for coming back to me, is it possible to change it from a MBR to a GPT? if so how could that be done please? i would assume by changing this it wouldnt efffect storing information on the hard drive as i currently do?

you weren’t listening, you need to change the WD Passport 1TB from GPT to MBR

You assume wrong … even though there are ways to convert from GPT to MBR without data loss … almost all guides, information and 3rd party software out there googling how to do it … they always strongly advise to backup your data in case something goes wrong.

If there is a possibility of something going wrong, then there’s a possibility it can.

You should always have a backup of your data no matter what … i can’t stress the importance of this enough. I’ve lost lots of important data many years ago … and have learnt to have at least 2 backups of everything on multiple hard drives.

HI Joey,
sorry i mis typed i understand i need to change the WD passport from GPT to MBR, and i have already taken everything off the hard drive except the folders and applications which were on there when i bought it. The question i guess i have is if i changed it from GPT to MBR would i still be able to use the hard drive to store my documents or would it be classed as corrupt or damaged?
sorry for the million questions.

After you’ve backed up your data and then formatted and re-partitioned the drive as MBR then you can continue to use the drive as per normal.

The main reason for the shift to GPT is that it supports hard drive capacities over 2TB

MBR is limited to a Maximum of 2TB

If you are using a hard drive that is less than 2TB … then it’s fine to partition it MBR

and it will work fine on your computer and should also now work fine on your Blu Ray DVD player.

If you’ve backed up all your documents they can still be opened/viewed/edited etc on a MBR partitioned hard drive.

Thank you Joey i appreciate all your time and comments on this, gives me confidence to give this a go.

Thanks again

Take care

No problem :slight_smile:

if you run into trouble formatting/partitioning to MBR

see my other post to a different person: WD My Passport Not Recognised By PVR