My Mac will not recognize my WD Passport

I’ve had the portable for years. Same with the Mac. All of a sudden it’s not recognizing the WD Passport? Any ideas? I’ve tried Disk Utility and I can’t find it there. The blue light comes on but nothing. Model Number is WD1200U017-000. Thanks!!!

Does it spin, can you feel the vibration from the drive? Does it make any clicking sound?

It make a faint sound when I plug it into the USB port (or unplug from the WD itself). This has never happened before.

So it does spin (vibrate) and make sound during the cable plug in to the system. Even you leave the cable plug to the system? If that is the case then the hard drive might be dead. Call WD Support for more assistant.

No spin. No vibration. The drive works though when I plug it into a PC.

If it works on your PC, then there is something wrong with you Mac machine. Try to plug into different USB port on the Mac. Or plug a different USB device to your Mac to see if that port work.

OK. Will give it a try. Thank you