Hello I have a mega problem, I loaned my HD from my cloud to a friend of mine he went and formatted my HD with my cloud system

when I put it on my cloud, the red light is flashing because it has no system in the hd

I don’t have much experience in linux, would anyone have a program to return the system from my cloud to his hd because it is flashing red light please help me :sonolento: :sonolento: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

It’s called unbricking. Lots of past discussions on how to unbrick a My Cloud device. Because the process is different depending on which of the single bay My Cloud versions one has, one will need to figure out if they have a v4.x firmware first gen (p/n -00) or a v2.x firmware second gen (p/n -10). If you do not know, check the P/N number on the bottom of the My Cloud enclosure, first gen ends with -00 and second gen ends with -10. User Fox_exe has a set of directions (and files) that some have used to great success to unbrick (or replace the hard drive) their single bay/single drive My Cloud unit.

The main Fox_exe repositories for multiple My Cloud models can be found here:

First gen directions:
The img files needed for the first gen Fox directions can be found in the WDMyCloud-Gen1/Backups folder in the main Fox_exe respoitory link above.

Second gen directions:
Various files used in the second gen Fox_exe unbrick directions can be found in the WDMyCloud/WDMyCloud-Gen2 repository.