My Cloud -- SmartWare PRO Vs 2.4.16

Just yesterday I got the message that Smart Ware was no longer being sold. That seems to include the “Pro” version as well.

WD advises that I can download the WD Backup Programme but I suspect that would be a backward step.
1…Is SmartWare vs 2.4.16 the latest and assumably final version?

2…There was a new Firmware Vs 2.31.204 for MyCloud released last month Dec 16 2019. Should I download that new firmware?


@PeterPotus You can download and update to the latest versions if you want to.

Thanks cat0w
A later version of SmatWare is offered but I am using SmartWare PRO. I am really not sure what to do. Perhaps the PRO is some BS I paid extra for or maybe not.
The Firmware offer asks which version I am using and I don’t know the answer as I can’t find it.
I have always installed new updates so I really thought I was right up to date. Now I am not so sure.