My Cloud Page says 10.8 TB free/ PC Explorer says 4.41 TB

I purchased a 24TB RAID unit with four bays. I got it set up as external storage. RAID. I should have about 11 something TB.

Looking at the My Cloud page, that is what I have with 10.8 TB available.

However, looking at the unit view Microsoft Explorer I have 4.41 TB and the total storage capacity is 5.41 TB.

When I got it set up with online help and set up and a drive Z set up on it did they only create a single drive using just two of my drives?

I would read the instructions how to run this thing but they are not updated to Windows 10 and they are not clear.

Also, the tech heads I know told me not to get this and I don’t want to deal with their judgement.

Solved it. It was simple once I figured it out. However, I really sort of guessed at it. Tried to find instructions. I would like to use all the capabilities eventually, but I need a place were a non-Tech head can start and work up from the basics.