Widows mapped drive says MYCloud is full

I have just installed a new 2TB drive in my MyCloud ex ultra. I have formatted the drives and wen I log in I have 3.81tb free(2x2TB drives). I mapped the drive (Win10Pro) but when I check space windows says only 1.87gb free. I would be grateful for any ideas

Go to your device dashboard, find the user used to map that drive, and check if you set a quota for them.

Be careful. I have 2x 4TB in Raid 0. I went over 3.9 tb of files on the system and the whole thing collapsed and the drive was not accessible on windows or dashboard. It took over a month to get a replacement device as a solution. Now the 2nd device is telling me I am full when I have only 4TB of files.
Makes sure you backup everything on the device
there is something wrong with the wd RAID system

What does ‘format’ and ‘drives’ mean here? You configured a JBOD? You formatted by Win10Pro?

Really gb, not TB? I.e. windows shows gigabit instead of terabyte?