My Cloud OS5 App Store not working

Hi there, I have updated my EX2 Ultra yesterday to version 5.05.111 and now I cannot access the App Store anymore. Whenever I click on the Apps button it remains stuck on loading without displaying anything. I have already tried reboot but not resetting the configuration, mainly because I would like to not having to reset the configuration everytime there’s an update (I already had to do it after the update to OS 5).

Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

@rhaidiz Thanks for reporting the issue.
We are making some changes to the app store to provide better error checking.

Can you open a Command Prompt on Windows and check ping and tracert to (Google DNS Server) and let me know the results. Doing via SSH from the My Cloud would be better although the command would be traceroute

  1. Open a Windows Command Prompt
  2. Type: ping
  3. Type: tracert 8.8.8. 8
  4. Type: ping

Thank you @SBrown for your answer. I actually did not think about it and after trying pinging as you suggested, without success, I realized that I had forgotten to change the DNS address in the settings of my EX2 (I’m using a custom DNS server which just changed address).

Silly mistake, my bad, thank you very much for the support :slight_smile:

@SBrown I having similar problem, can you help?

@Sim1 the following article has been posted with the correct steps to resolve.

@SBrown thanks a lot… it works. :grinning: