My Cloud OS 3 remote connection become impossible

Suddenly my OS 3 EX2 Ultra can no longer be reached by remote. Did anybody experience the same problem? I doubt it can be something intentional by WD, in order to foster the upgrade (?) to OS 5…

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I have the same problem with My Cloud Mirror 1st generation. It seems that there are a lot of people experiencing the same issue.

I have the same problem with My Cloud Mirror (1st Gen). Remote access no longer functioning.

The website will not even let me log in. Can’t connect.

Same issue with MyCloud OS 3 have been able to log in remotely for multiple days.

thank you for referring it, Terrie: did you solve the problem?

I have the same problem with my WD disk. I think there is a problem with remote connection that WD must fix as soon as possible.

Logging in remotely has not been possible for a week. No reply from WD

Also have the same problem with remote access using the webpage. Thought it was a problem with the drive but guess everyone is having this issue. Using a Mycloud 2t 1st generation with static ip.

Folks, more information would be beneficial to WD assuming they are even reading the various threads about recent remote access issues. Post WHICH mobile device (and it’s OS version) you are using if you cannot log in using a mobile device. Seems some are iOS users who are having problems.

Currently no issues with logging in to the web portal to access a first gen single bay My Cloud running v04.05.00-342 firmware. Currently no issue using the My Cloud app (version 4.4.28 - apparently this is a just updated app version) on Android 8.1 to remotely access the My Cloud on cellular data. Sometimes on Android it looks like the My Cloud app is hanging but if I hit the back button/arrow (or swipe right) on my screen then select the My Cloud unit from the list, it connects.

Basic troubleshooting steps with the mobile app. Remove the My Cloud entry from the app and create a new one. This may mean either generating a “code” using the My Cloud Dashboard > Cloud Access > select user then select Get Code. Or using your login in the mobile app.

Edit to add: Update your mobile app(s) if you haven’t done so already. WD apparetnly posted new versions of the My Cloud app for Android and iOS. See the annoucement at the following WD Staff post:

Dear Bennor,
Thanks for the update, good idea for giving info for the versions of the firmware, app and operating system (ios, android).

My mobile phone is with Android 11, the mobile app version is 4.4.28 (which is the latest and it is has been working for months). The WD My Cloud Mirror 2.12.127 (again the latest from a lot of time).

I still do believe that the problem is in WD system. The app and web access stopped working suddenly at the same time for all of us, who have this issue.
There was similar problem app. 1 year ago. Back at this time WD managed to fix it in matter of few days. Now there is more than 1 week since the problem appeared and it is not fixed yet.
I hope that at least they make some efforts to deal with it, because till now it seems that nothing has been done from their side.


I reinstalled the Mycloud app on my Iphone (IOS 14.7)
app version : 4.4.27
remote access is now working again !

On my smartphone (Huawei the app version is 4.4.28
I didn’t change anything on the smartphone, but remote access is also working again !

It seems that at last WD fixed the problem. Everything is working now, without me changing anything.

It is working now, after updating the MyCloud OS3 app to 4.4.27!

There was a very long outage a year or two ago for remote access. So long as one only uses WD’s system of remote access to their My Cloud one is at the mercy of their system and any issues with that system.

If remote access to one’s My Cloud is critical, one should investigate alternate methods of secure remote access that do not involve going through WD or their systems. This may involve setting up a VPN server (free or paid) on one’s local network. Some consumer routers come with a VPN server option that can be activated in their administration screen(s). Other methods include using SoC devices like the Raspberry Pi to run a VPN server. Note that setting up a VPN may/will require extra knowledge and skill to properly configure.

Still not working here in italy!
I have the last iOS app release, the last disk firmware, the last android APP but again i cannot connect remotely to my disk.

Working fine here in the US (and has been all week for me).

Out for a week, back for a day, out again today…not the best ratio