My Cloud Mirror Solid Red HDD lights


Hey all,

I woke up this morning, and must have had a power outage last night, as both the HDD lights on My Cloud Mirror are solid red. I have power cycled and did the 4 second reset to no avail.

Since I noticed this while getting ready for work, I have not had time to go through the byzantine troubleshooting options for this device, and I’m not even sure if I have a Gen1 or 2, but assuming it’s a Gen1.

Can anyone who has had this problem sound off here? I’m seriously hoping all my data has not been lost. Honestly, if I have to trash the NAS, fine, it’s been problematic since I got it, but I really do not want to lose my data.


A bit of an update,

I was able to get into the firmware and had to re-set my admin password and change the name of the device again. I confirmed that my data is at least still on the HDDs so thankfully they did not fail.

Now, I’ve run into another problem, I can no longer log into this device to upload files with the My Cloud Windows app. It either says failed to connect, or prompts me to log in as below, but it does not allow me key in my name to log in.

I am able to use the WD Access app just fine, and can use Windows Explorer to add/delete files if I give the user permission, but can someone help me figure out why the My Cloud app won’t even let me log in?


edit: I can’t connect to my device from the Android app either by the way, but, that’s always been the case even before these current problems.


No one? I can’t be the first person to have this problem? :frowning:

I’ve tried logging in from this app in every way it offers, it fails each time bringing me to that login screen I posted above, but does not allow me to even key in a user name (just a password).


I see the WD My Cloud app for Windows, as it’s not even available for download anymore. I’m guessing the app isn’t meant to work…


Looks like the Windows My Cloud app isn’t supported/doesn’t work anymore. Finally did a hard reset, and now, for the first time ever, I can actually log into this NAS through the web interface to organize my files, which is way more robust than the application anyway.