My Cloud Mirror Gen2 Firmware Version 2.21.111 (7/25/16) - LED settings

Hi together,

LED lights at the front, will not be switched off by setting. I want all leds off. With this update only the system led will be switch off.
is this correct?

How to switch off all LED at the front (with out shuting down the cloud).

Thanks in advance.


We have passed along this information to WD Support.

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Good, I also want to know this. Probably this is a new bug. Lets wait for the Support.

Yes, this seems new bug. I did verify after upgrade, when I turn off LED it only turn off system LED and drive LEDs are still on.


Thank your reporting the issue with the LED ON/OFF switch on firmware 2.21.111

Samuel Brown

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Using the previous version led program can fix the problem.
./led hd0 blue off
./led hd1 blue off

new version is online, but the LED issue is still unfixed

is this still unknown for WD support ?

The new 2.21.119 do not mention about LED fix. I cannot believe that they release a firmware update only for mac users!